27 Aug

Surviving Law School for Working Students

There’s an interesting email we received that is better addressed by community members who were working students in law school. The email (identities to remain hidden) goes: “Hello and good afternoon Attorney! I would just like to know how difficult it is to study law while having a full time job? What are the chances of success of a working law student in hurdling the difficulties of law school? I work as a pharmacist in a small pharmaceutical company, and I really wanted to study law, yet I don’t want to give up my job.” Read More

09 Aug

On Bonfires, Celebrations and the Fighting Maroons

I feel a need to explain why we’re celebrating the win of the UP Maroons in today’s UAAP men’s basketball game. Not for anyone but for my peace of mind. Or at least for my wife. She had this perplexed look when I cheered with all my heart, and lungs, as the game started. This level of enthusiasm, bordering on insanity, is reserved when her Archers fight for the championship, she must have thought. I would be equally puzzled if it were the other way around.  Read More

09 Aug

Failure to Have a Child (infertility) is Not a Ground for Annulment; Refusal to Have Sex is Tricky

A warning: this article requires parental guidance. Children and minors, stop reading. The query goes like this: “Atty, kasal po ako pero in 2 months nagpasya kaming maghiwalay kasi di me satisfy sa kanya at dipa sia manganganak.” I really have to retain the gist of that query, even if I have to make slight changes on how it is worded. The issue is this: if the wife cannot conceive (or, conversely, if the husband is infertile) and the spouses cannot have children, is this enough ground for annulment? The related issue: if a spouse is not sexually satisfied with his/her partner, is this a ground for annulment? Read More

09 Aug

New Family of Spouse Not a Ground for Annulment

There’s a common issue relating to annulment and whether it’s enough ground when the other spouse has started a new family. It usually runs like this: I am married and we have separated years ago (some say they have no kids, some say with kids) and my spouse has started his/her own family (some say there are kids in the “other” family, some say no kids yet). Is the fact that the spouse has a new family sufficient to support a petition for annulment? Read More

09 Aug

Issues on Money, Family, Friends, Marriage and Annulment

Can money, family, friends issues in our marriage be filed for annulment? I’ve been married for 2 years but a lot of issues has completely destroyed our marriage and i want to file an annulment. I am currently living abroad.” (We will feature certain comments so we save time when addressing related concerns. No legal advice, only legal information. See discussion below.) Read More

09 Aug

Non-Disclosure of Previous Marriage

My BF contracted into marriage to a girl who did not disclose that she is already married. The documents that the girl filed were all fake when they get married. His problem was that in his NSO it appeared that he is married to the girl. How can he make himself single again in the public documents. Whenever he apply for abroad he found to be married in the legal documents and also, we are planning to marry. Please help us. Thank you and more power to you!” (This query is highlighted so we don’t have to address each and every related question. No legal advice, only general information found below.) Read More

09 Aug

Applying for a Job: Don’t Lie to Me

It’s not surprising to hear about job applicants deliberately writing down wrong information in CVs or resumes — couple of cases have been referred by corporate retainer clients involving application details that were later discovered as serious “errors.” What’s surprising is the fact that prospective employees still take the risk of peddling lies in job applications. Read More

08 Aug

Guide and Rules of Conduct to the 2014 Bar Examinations (Bar Bulletin No. 8)

Guide and Rules of Conduct to the 2014 Bar Examinations

The Supreme Court, in its desire to serve the interests ofBar examinees and to contribute to their success in the 2014 Bar Examinations, has issued this Guide to advise them on how to best approach the examinations. This Guide contains as well the rules that every Bar examinee should observe in his/her conduct during the examinations for its orderly implementation, taking into account not only the interests of the Bar examinees, but of the University hosting the examinations, the Bar personnel conducting the examinations, and the public at large. Read More