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The First 5 Minutes of the First Sunday of Bar Exams

There are four full Sundays reserved every year for the Philippine bar examinations, arguably the most difficult bar exam in the whole world. Until the first Sunday of the bar exam, law students can only surmise, as part of their arduous bar exam preparation, what to expect inside the examination room. Each bar examinee has a different experience when it comes to the precious few minutes after opening the bar exam questionnaire — a brief moment that is forever etched in the minds of all lawyers or would-have-been lawyers (incidentally, the OBC noted that of the total 6,344 examinees admitted to take the 2014 bar examinations, only 5,996 showed up during the first Sunday and 5,994 remained at the end of the first Sunday). As a helpful reference for those taking the bar exams, and as a catharsis for those who have survived the bar exam, we’ll feature the realizations of bar exam hopefuls during the first 5 minutes (after opening the questionnaire) of the first (of four) Sunday of the bar exam. (more…)

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