2006 Bar Exams – surviving the waiting game


After a waiting period that seemed like an eternity, specially for those who took the 2006 bar exams and their loved ones, the results were finally released yesterday (see the Top Ten and complete list here). Congratulations to those who made it, soon to join the Philippine bar. To the aspirants whose entry to the ranks of lawyers had been slightly delayed, this should be a challenge for the next exams. To be sure, everyone will have plenty to reflect on this holy week.

I’m also glad the waiting game is over. I’m glad not only for the aspiring lawyers who had been willingly tortured, but, on a less important aspect, also because this blog is now online again. For the past 2 days, this humble blawg became the sounding board of tortured souls, and because of the unusually heavy traffic, my good friend Mish had to put this blawg offline in order to protect the other sites hosted on the free server.

Now, anyone care to invite us to their victory par-tay (next week, that is, after the holy week)? =)


  1. Sir,
    May I correct your spelling please?
    You always make the mistake of spelling
    blog as blawg. it’s not cute at all. 😀

  2. Prof, anytime =) On the other hand, maybe it’s the wrong use of word, rather than spelling. “Blog” is a “web log”, while “blawg” is a “law blog” (a blog on legal matters and related topics). Since this is not entirely about the law, like the Philippine Legal Forum, maybe it’s better to use “blog” than “blawg”. But, hey, this is my blawg =)

  3. one lesson i learned from the prof:

    it pays to be sure that you are properly armed before making any intrusion.

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