2010 Bar Exams: Bar Questions, Discussions and Results

Added: Full list of those who passed the 2010 bar exams (see separate post or in the comment below. Top 10 list thanks to waldner, full list thanks to mailman). Congratulations.

Three Sundays down, one more to go. The four Sundays of bar exams, many say, comprise the easier part. The more difficult portion is about to commence: the waiting game. We’ve talked about the waiting game in the past (for instance, see The waiting game), which is one reason I thought of not including a post on the 2010 bar exams.

But there’s a reason why the most discussed posts are about the bar exams (3,150 comments for the 2008 bar and 2,900 for the 2009 bar). Many examinees in the past years have stated that they prefer an outlet to express the heavy mix of emotions — frustration, excitement, fear, impatience. You name it. And while many don’t want to look back and think of their answers, others prefer to dissect the questions. Are the questions difficult? So, in addition to phbar, let’s have this venue for our 2010 bar examinees to share and discuss the 2010 bar exams. Good luck and God bless, everyone.

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Be careful what you ask for, you might just get it. It’s ok if you ask to pass the bar exams. In some instances, on hindsight, we can say that nobody should have asked for it. Just like the two-examiner policy. In 2008, even before the 2-examiner setup was implemented in 2009, a user named “Webster” left this comment in a post:

The SC should consider the idea of having at least two (2) examiners per subject to insure fairness, objectivity and transparency. it will also give the examiners enough time to check and counter check the booklets. — Webster

We had the 2-examiner setup in the 2009 bar exams. The verdict? Let’s just say it’s not as expected. Now we have the plan to have 60% multiple-choice questions in the 2011 bar exam.

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As noted in the comments of the same 2008 post, are the examinees ready for it? Here are some of the sensible and interesting excerpts from the previous discussion:

The examinees are not tested for their knowledge of the law. The examinees are tested if they are lucky enough to pass the whims and caprice of the examiner. — Warrior

This proposed reforms seem fresh and timely and I am for it mostly. I reckon that a multiple choice type of questionnaire would determine the specific ability of examiners and would discourage those who merely memorizes the provisions. — Major Tom

I would still go for the current set-up, we need more of the essay type as a good barometer to test our knowledge and appreciation of the laws and jurisprudence. — Fingershadow

Many keep asking or insisting that reforms be made immediately, such as converting the essay-type examination into an 80% multiple choice-type of test. That may be a good way of reforming the bar. But the question is, are we prepared for it? — Juris tantrum

Lastly, I have to laugh at the people who think we shouldn’t “copy” multiple choice because we have our “own” system. Here again is another case of false Filipino pride in something that we should not be proud of. Another case of, because it’s Filipino “espesyal” it’s the best. Well, I hate to break it to you, but geez, look at our laws they are copies almost word for word from the Spanish Law, which in itself was copied almost word for word from the Napoleonic Code. Additionally, essay-type questions are used extensively by the British, only in their case they have the common sense to employ committees of checkers who correct a single subject and cross-check, rather than rely on a single examiner as only a nation of impractical people can do. — Siimple Solutions

With the proliferation of bar flunkers each year and the dearth of trial/practicing lawyers per SC, I guess its about time for the Supreme Court to revisit the take 5 rule and allow its revision. — Webster

ganyan naman mga pinoy, pag di pumasa unfair daw, kpag natalo eh dinaya…hay grow up na po noh…kaya til now 3rd world country pa din tau dahil sa attitude at mentality natin..s mga bar flunkers..try harder this time..wag na kau magpakadesperate at umasa na irevised ng SC yan…tagal ng issue yan eh..ipasa nyo na lang kasi..mag self-check kau kung san kau nagkulang, don’t put the blame on the examiners or the SC..kasi u sound pathetic na po..s totoo lang… — JNA

whether multiple choice exam or the essay type, if you guys are ready to rumble the bar exams, it doesn’t really matter. Ang dami nyong reklamo eh, just study, study and study!!! It is not the type of exam that contributes to a barrister’s flunking, it is his preparation that makes or breaks his objective of passing. It is the barrister’s unassailability that determines his fate, not the type of exams…. — out-law

Now, along the lines of out-law ‘s comment, those who are taking the 2011 bar exams better stop complaining and start studying really hard. To those who have just hurdled the last Sunday of the 2010 bar exams, stop fretting and start praying. Good luck and God bless, everyone.


  1. I’ve read that the supreme court are “pooling” sample MCQs from law schools and bar reviewers, then the chairman will choose which ones will be given in the bar. I smell something fishy here. Its like a reversed leakage. Will we know which school or the identity of whoever who submitted the MCQs? My apprehension is that these top law schools are the ones which will submit the most number of sample MCQs and of course they have copy of it. They will just distribute it to their students to study because most likely the questions will be coming from those sample MCQs.they have submitted. How can we ensure fairness? Kawawa naman mga estudyante not belonging to these “elite” law schools. Why not the SC or a panel prepare the MCQs and keep it secured.

    1. Lets wait muna before we conclude , your fear is the same as mine but as of this moment it is still premature to make such conclusion. We must trust the system otherwise our clients will be consulting their legal problem with doubt as to our fitness to the legal profession.

    2. Sietepartidas,

      Valid concern. It is similar to the concern over who really corrects the hundreds of bar exam notebooks.

    3. Guys, whether or not the MCQs coming from the elite law schools will constitute the bulk or all of the questions, it should not really matter to us. Admitted naman eh na bias ang current system (no examiner from provincial schools) but if we also don’t exert effort, hindi pa rin tayo papasa. The only advantage elite law schools will have, if it will really happen that the MCQs will come from them, is that they are assured of dominating the Top 10 year after year after year. But who’s surprised? Ganyan naman palagi.

      My point is, let us not worry about these things. Let’s get back to our studies and resolve to pass the Bar come hell or high water. Someone at phBar.org suggested learning speed reading. Interesting technique. I might want to consider it. At this point, I’m willing to try anything that will help me pass. That’s my mindset. I don’t worry about who’s the examiner or who will check the paper. I just control what I can control. 🙂

    1. got my clearance this morning. just bring 2 valid id’s and pay P2,750.00 for the bar admission fees, P1,200.00 for IBP membership fees, P250.00 for the toga rental.

      After that they will already give you the oath taking passes and date of signing in the Roll of Attorneys.

  2. will 1 day be enough to get the clearance? what else do we have to accomplish? bcoz im from the province, so i need to travel pa to manila. I’m planning to go there on apr 13. Hope u can give me some info. Thanks!

    1. Sandali lng un po, ang alam ko pagnauna ka sa pagkuha clearance mas mauuna ka sa pagsign ng roll , so if sa april 13 kp kaw ang last batch n mkakapagsign sa roll. call mo din obc para sure

  3. Just a question. Are they strict about the ID? I only have my school ID and TIN card, are they enough?

    And are you allowed to ask for your ratings in the bar?

    Thanks po!

  4. Just dropping by. How’s everybody? To those taking the Bar this year, kaya nyo yan. Will pray for you all during the 4 Sundays of November. 😉

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