2011 Bar Exams: Discussions, Bar Questions and Results

Update: Results already out. Here’s the list based on Vinz’ comment in this post. Here’s the full list in a separate post. Congratulations, everyone.

[The original post] We noticed a few comments/discussions regarding the 2011 bar exam posted in entries relating to the 2010 and previous bar examinations. Let’s centralize all discussions on the 2011 bar exams in this post — bar examiners, guidelines, tips, suggestions, bar questions, answers and, ultimately, the bar results. This post will be expanded and updated from time to time. Fee free to share your news and tips with everyone. Good luck and God bless to the 2011 bar examinees.

Added (5 February 2012): When is the release date of the 2011 bar exam result? Some say it’s February 8. Some say, well, some other dates (Macario made a list of the potential release dates). Re-posting what I wrote in the comments below:

To all, good luck and God bless. Allow me to share some notes based on the previous bar exam threads:

1. Tempers flare with more frequency and more intensity as the “judgment day” draws nearer. It sounds sick, but it’s a way to determine that the release date is imminent.

2. There will be lots of release dates thrown around. Some will quote “well-placed” sources. Many tend to disregard “unassuming” sources, and these sources will turn out to be the most informed. Separating the chaff from the grain is difficult and frustrating for many. There are so many things that could affect the “final” date of the release. Nevertheless, as someone previously noted, the dates will slowly dovetail as the “true” release date becomes more certain.

3. The agony of waiting for the bar exam result is a rite of passage. Many would make insensitive comments because they haven’t experienced it. On the other hand, many who’ve gone through it, victorious or not, deliberately make the experience more intense. Again, it’s sick, but it’s fun. In what other country do you have this? Truly, it’s more fun in the Philippines.

So, sit back and try to relax.


    1. No problem. I have a classmate last year who showed me ripped videos from Chan. Don’t ask how he got it. 🙂 Looking back, how I wish I made copies. He went home to his province after November.

      1. Tsk, tsk, tsk… Gusto mo ba namang maging lawyer, di naman kayo sumusunod sa batas. 8k lang for a review course, ayaw nyo pang i fork out! Sige kayo, bka ma karma kayo!

  1. hi everyone.. it’s nice to be back here at attyatwork.
    after i learned that i passed the bar, i had no chance to browse this site again until now..
    i remember the feeling the days i was reading and posting on this site, the days before the release was out.. sobrang kinakabahan ako at naiiyak while reading some of the posts..
    and now that i am already a lawyer, i cannot explain exactly how i feel, until now, i could not believe that i passed! since feb 29, the days were really memorable, the people who congratulated me were overflowing..
    however, i really feel so sad for my friends/classmates who didnt make it.. i would have been happier if we all passed. nonetheless, i always tell them that its not the end of everything. afterall, they still have the chance, and i am confident that they will make it this time. i am always praying for them. this is my time now to give my support, even financial support.
    for those who didnt make it, dont lose hope. for sure God has reasons for it. who knows, you will pass this time, right? never give up. just keep on praying and believing that you are destined to be a lawyer. 🙂

  2. hi justice karl,

    sorry… you know how “drastic” the changes are after having taken our oath. And, on account of those changes, I now have so little time for chitchat here. That explains my virtual disappearance in this site. Let me inform you Mr. Justice that I have reformed myself already… By bitterness has long been replaced by gratefulness and joy! And, my stupidity has taught me countless lessons that i never found in law school… The secret to success after all is to commit as much mistakes as possible! Peace Justice Karl, and god bless to your practice… Thanks again to Atty. Fred!

  3. to all my co-2011 bar exam passers especially in he visayas region, may i ask if you have already received your grades? during signing, the obc said that they will just mail it.however, up to this time, i have not yet received mine. any updates? kindly post naman. i need it in my Personal Data Sheet update.

    1. @torni,

      After you have finished your photograph during the signing in the roll of attorneys, there are sheets of Request Form in that same table. You will be required to fill up that Request Form and file it before the OBC (pay the fees, LBC). In the box, you can choose the ff: Certification from the OBC (for Notarial Petition), Rating, Exam Booklet, Certification (State Bar), etc.

      In my case, I chose, OBC Cert. and Rating. I filed it last March 23 and received it yesterday via LBC.

      Just call the OBC and they will tell you how to process it even though you’re in Visayas.

      Hope this helps.

  4. @ legal ethics

    why are we going to pay for the mailing of our grades? while those with surname begins with letter A and B already got their grades during the signing because they were already available but those with surname begins with letter C to Z will be mailed as per OBC advice because these were not yet ready during the signing. Also, they did not mentioned to us for the postage fee.

    1. I just got my grades last week. Dapat aantayin ko na lang rin i-mail sa kin grades ko, kaso june pa raw cya darating, depende pa kung san ka nakatira, so the farther you live, the longer the wait kung via mail. Ready for pick up na ata yung mga grades. Tawag ka na lang siguro para sure.

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