2012 Bar Exam: Information, Discussions, Tips, Questions and Results

Heeding the call of some participants of this forum/blog, particularly in the post on the 2011 bar exam, let’s create a separate post and centralize discussions on the preparations, schedule and related information on the 2012 bar examination. The bar results will also be posted here. [See also 2013 Bar Exams]

Let’s start with the Syllabus for the 2012 bar exam (click the link): Labor Law | Political Law | Political Law | Criminal Law | Civil Law | Mercantile Law | Taxation Law | Legal Ethics | Remedial Law. Note: Clicking the link will open a pdf file, so loading will be slow.

Please share your updates through the comment section below. Thank you.

Update (28 October 2012): Last Sunday of this year’s bar exam. You guys are exhausted, no doubt. It’s done. Nothing else you can do at this point except TRYING to live a normal life. And pray. Congratulations for finishing the exams. Good luck and God bless!

Update (20 March 2013): See result of the 2012 bar exam result. Congratulations.


      1. may restriction ba sa kung ano lang dapat pagusapan? ask ko nga sayo assignment ko.

        1.define and differentiate administrative order and executive order.

        2. may a document be admitted in court without being formally offered? explain.

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    1. sino source mo? dapat di mo na sinasabe yan pre. dagdag stress at pressure lang yan. pero sana kung totoo yan taasan naman ang passing percentage

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    1. Same report from a friend at the SC. All grades are in. En Banc this coming Tuesday to tackle passing rate of 13%. High hopes pa rin naman of adjustments to be ordered sa En Banc. Basta, our fate has now moved from the hands of the examiners to the hands of the justices.

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    1. man you are so unholy, how could you do this to us? are you part of the pack of wolves trying to be a sheep?

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