2012 Bar Exam: Information, Discussions, Tips, Questions and Results

Heeding the call of some participants of this forum/blog, particularly in the post on the 2011 bar exam, let’s create a separate post and centralize discussions on the preparations, schedule and related information on the 2012 bar examination. The bar results will also be posted here. [See also 2013 Bar Exams]

Let’s start with the Syllabus for the 2012 bar exam (click the link): Labor Law | Political Law | Political Law | Criminal Law | Civil Law | Mercantile Law | Taxation Law | Legal Ethics | Remedial Law. Note: Clicking the link will open a pdf file, so loading will be slow.

Please share your updates through the comment section below. Thank you.

Update (28 October 2012): Last Sunday of this year’s bar exam. You guys are exhausted, no doubt. It’s done. Nothing else you can do at this point except TRYING to live a normal life. And pray. Congratulations for finishing the exams. Good luck and God bless!

Update (20 March 2013): See result of the 2012 bar exam result. Congratulations.


  1. Me too, lost all 3 opportunities to become a lawyer. Got 3 kids, meager salary, no savings, no time, etc. There is just no way in hell i can.go back to school for a refresher at this time. I’m just moving forward parking my ambition for a retake. I’ve learned that i need to study for 1 whole year to make it. If been reviewing 1 month before the exams and that is just not enough preparation. I did the same.mistakes 3 times because of the lack of funds. So frustrated.

  2. From Atty Ralph Sarmiento:

    “For those who are asking if the Five-Strike Rule in the Bar Exams (Bar Matter No. 1161 [2005]) is still in effect, the Supreme Court has already decided to STRIKE OUT the said rule. However, the bar matter for this purpose has not yet been released & so it could not yet be implemented. In one of our meetings with the Bar Confidant, she said some details still have to threshed out like the list of schools where Bar takers would enroll for a refresher course after failing for three times. Apparently, only a limited number of law schools will be allowed to offer a refresher course. 🙂

  3. refresher course at Arellano law school- 37,000 a sem… me alam ba kayo mas mura ng konte?? thanks po

  4. Dear Chief Justice:

    There is nothing wrong if we lift the 5 flunk rule.

    If they want to take the exams, please give them that chance. Let the Bar exam measure their right to be part of the noble profession. The Court Justices, while in authority to admit people in the legal profession, they should not curtail the rights of a future lawyers who have been honest in their studies, review and life.

    Please give them a chance!!!

    Be considerate to their children, wife, family, relative, friends and those who believe and have faith to these future lawyers.

    If the Justices fail to make the better judgment on this matter, I doubt if they can even have a heart, soul, ethics and intelligence to make good Supreme Court Decisions. The character of your clothing is much more than your logical reasoning, it pertains for those who appeal to justice, ethics and food for the underprivileged.

    Thank you!!!

  5. after my 3rd attempt, I finally passed with a 70.01% average! just keep on believing! your tym will also come. Never give up!

  6. Question lang po: Na receive nyo na po ba via mail ang grades nyo? I did not make it but I want to see my grades sana.Or for pick up po sya?Thanks guys!!!

  7. just got my grade ! grabe naman , ni isa wala akong na-ipasa . joke ba to? para namang di ako nag -aral ng ilang buwan. haayst!

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