2013 (Civil Law) Bar Exam Questions: Essay Question 4

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Anselmo is the registered owner of a land and a house that his friend Boboy occupied for a nominal rental and on the condition that Boboy would vacate the property on demand. With Anselmo’s knowledge, Boboy introduced renovations consisting of an additional bedroom, a covered veranda, and a concrete block fence, at his own expense.

Subsequently, Anselmo needed the property as his residence and thus asked Boboy to vacate and tum it over to him. Boboy, despite an extension, failed to vacate the property, forcing Anselmo to send him a written demand to vacate.

In his own written reply, Boboy signified that he was ready to leave but Anselmo must first reimburse him the value of the improvements he introduced on the property as he is a builder in good faith. Anselmo refused, insisting that Boboy cannot ask for reimbursement as he is a mere lessee.

Boboy responded by removing the improvements and leaving the building in its original state.

(A) Resolve Boboy’s claim that as a builder in good faith, should he be reimbursed the value of the improvements he introduced. (4%)

(B) Can Boboy be held liable for damages for removing the improvements over Anselmo’s objection? (4%)


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