2013 (Criminal Law) Bar Exam Questions: Multiple Choice Question 12

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Out of spite and simply intending to put Gina to shame for breaking off with him, Ritchie emptied a gallon of motor oil on the school’s stairway where Gina usually passed. Gina, unaware of what Ritchie did, used the slippery stairway and slipped, hitting her head on the stairs. Gina died from brain hemorrhage.

What crime did Ritchie commit? (1%)

(A) Murder.

(B) Reckless imprudence resulting in homicide.

(C) Homicide.

(D) Impossible crime of homicide.

(E) None.


  1. B din ata ako dito, kasi walang intent to kill. it was a choice between C or B pero i opted for B because of the aforsaid reason.

  2. sa ibang decided cases na naread ko.pwede talaga homicide to. absent intent to kill because of the greater evil na consequence pag na slide ang bictima. pero maari magkamali ako.thanks

  3. Actually may point ka jedi choice lang yan talaga between b or c. Yun lang i opted to go for b kasi yun yung nasabi ng prof namin before na kung wala daw intent to kill di siya magqualify as homicide. Pero i can be wrong din naman. Hehehe

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