2013 (Criminal Law) Bar Exam Questions: Multiple Choice Question 6

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Choose the correct circumstance when a woman may be held liable for rape: (0.5%)

(A) With the use of force or intimidation.

(B) When the rape is committed by two or more persons.

(C) When the offender uses an instrument and inserts it in the mouth of the victim.

(D) When she befriends and puts a sleeping pill in the victim’s drink to enable her husband to have intercourse with the victim.


    1. D ako dito, yung C naalala ko kasi sabi ng prof namin physical injuries tinanong niya sa recit namin. Tubo pa nga yung example niya, pag pinasok daw sa anal orifice or sexual organ rape, pag sa mouth na daw phys. injuries na.

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