2013 (Labor Law) Bar Exam Questions: Multiple Choice Question 10

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X. Samahang Tunay, a union of rank-and-file employees lost in a certification election at Solam Company and has become a minority union. The majority union now has a signed CBA with the company and the agreement contains a maintenance of membership clause.

What can Samahang Tunay still do within the company as a union considering that it still has members who continue to profess continued loyalty to it? (1%)

(A) It can still represent these members in grievance committee meetings.

(B) It can collect agency fees from its members within the bargaining unit.

(C) It can still demand meetings with the company on company time.

(D) As a legitimate labor organization, it can continue to represent its members on non-CBA-related matters.

(E) None of the above.

(F) All of the above.


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