2013 (Labor Law) Bar Exam Questions: Multiple Choice Question 18

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XVIII. The Pinagbuklod union filed a Petition for Certification Election, alleging that it was a legitimate labor organization of the rank-and-file employees of Delta Company. On Delta’s motion, the Med Arbiter dismissed the Petition, based on the finding that Pinagbuklod was not a legitimate labor union and had no legal personality to file a Petition for Certification Election because its membership was a mixture of rank-and-file and supervisory employees.

Is the dismissal of the Petition for Certification Election by the Med-Arbiter proper? (1%)

(A) Yes, because Article 245 of the Labor Code prohibits supervisory employees from joining the union of the rank and file employees and provides that a union representing both rank and file and supervisory employees as members is not a legitimate labor organization.

(B) No, because the grounds for the dismissal of a petition for certification election do not include mixed membership in one union.

(C) No, because a final order of cancellation of union registration is required before a petition for certification election may be dismissed on the ground of lack of legal personality of the union.

(D) No, because Delta Company, did not have the legal personality to participate in the certification election proceedings and to file a motion to dismiss based on the legitimacy status of the petitioning union.

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