2013 (Labor Law) Bar Exam Questions: Multiple Choice Question 6

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VI. At age 65 and after 20 years of sewing work at home on a piece rate basis for PQR Garments, a manufacturer-exporter to Hongkong, Aling Nena decided it was time to retire and to just take it easy.

Is she entitled to retirement pay from PQR? (1%)

(A) Yes, but only to one month pay.

(B) No, because she was not a regular employee.

(C) Yes, at the same rate as regular employees.

(D) No, because retirement pay is deemed included in her contracted per piece pay.

(E) No, because homeworkers are not entitled to retirement pay.


    1. I answered C because the way she is paid as piecerate worker does not in anyway preclude her from being entitled to retirement pay, piece rate pertain only to how her wages are computed.

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