2013 (Legal Ethics) Bar Exam Questions: Essay Question 10

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As a new lawyer, Attorney Novato started with a practice limited to small claims cases, legal counseling, and notarization of documents. He put up a solo practice law office and was assisted by his wife who served as his secretary/helper.He used a makeshift hut in a vacant lot near the local courts and a local transport regulatory agency. With this strategic location, he enjoyed heavy patronage assisting walk-in clients in the preparation and filing of pleadings and in the preparation and notarization of contracts and documents. He had the foresight of investing in a good heavy duty copier machine that reproduces quality documents, and charges a reasonable fee for this service. He draws electric power from an extension wire connected to an adjoining small restaurant. He put up a shingle that reads: “Atty. Novato, Specialist in Small Claims, Fastest in Notarization; the Best and Cheapest in Copier Services.”

Is Attorney Novato’s manner of carrying out his professional practice – i.e., mixing business with the practice of law, announcing his activities via a shingle and locating his office as above-described – in keeping with appropriate ethical and professional practice? (8%)


  1. The legal profession is not a business DISCUSSION.

    (Ako na lang mag-isa ang nasa room that time. I was answering the MCQ’s in between Essays. Ethics MCQ ang pinakamahirap sa lahat ng MCQ!!!)

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