2013 (Legal Ethics) Bar Exam Questions: Multiple Choice Question 14

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Wanda finally became pregnant in the 10th year of her marriage to Horacio.As her pregnancy progressed, she started having difficulty breathing and was easily fatigued. The doctors diagnosed that she has a heart congestion problem due to a valve defect, and that her chances of carrying a baby to full term are slim.Wanda is scared and contemplates the possibility of abortion. She thus sought legal advice from Diana, a lawyer-friend and fellow church member, who has been informally advising her on legal matters.

What is Diana’s best ethical response? (1%)

(A) Beg off from giving any advice because it is a situation that is not purely legal.

(B) Advise Wanda on the purely legal side of her problem and assure her that abortion is allowed by law if the pregnancy endangers the life of the mother.

(C) Advise that it is a religious problem before it is a medical or legal one,and Wanda should consult and follow the advice of her religious confessor.

(D) Advise Wanda that abortion, above everything else, is a moral problem and she should only have an abortion if it is an act she can live with.

(E) Refrain from giving any kind of advice as abortion is a serious matter that cannot be resolved through informal consultations with friends and fellow church members.

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