2013 (Legal Ethics) Bar Exam Questions: Multiple Choice Question 18

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You are a lawyer working in the Public Assistance Office. Yolly, a key witness in the case (reckless imprudence resulting in homicide) you are handling,is indigent and illiterate. While Yolly is willing to testify in court, you worry that the judge might not be able to appreciate the impact of her testimony, as she has a difficult time answering English questions. You also worry that this might affect her credibility. Further, Yolly has indicated that she might not have the money to pay the fare to attend the trial. You are presenting her as a witness for the defense at the hearing next week.

Which of the following is NOT a permissible act for you to do? (1%)

(A) Provide Yolly with money for fare to ensure her attendance in court.

(B) Interview Yolly before trial, so that she will be more at ease when she testifies before the court.

(C) Prepare a judicial affidavit of Yolly’s testimony, which she will then verify before the court.

(D) Provide her with sample questions that you might ask in the hearing tomorrow.

(E) All the above are permissible.

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