2013 (Legal Ethics) Bar Exam Questions: Multiple Choice Question 5


In order to comply with the MCLE requirements, Atty. Ausente enrolled in a seminar given by an MCLE provider. Whenever he has court or other professional commitments, he would send his messenger or a member of his legal staff to register his attendance at the MCLE sessions so he could be credited with the required qualifying attendance. He would also ask them to secure the printed handouts and the lecturers’ CDs, all of which he studied in his free time.

Atty. Ausente should be _____. (1%)

(A) required to make up for his absence by attending lecture sessions in other MCLE providers

(B) sanctioned because he circumvented or evaded full compliance with the MCLE requirements

(C) excused because he attended to profession-related tasks, and fully studied the courses through the materials and CDs he secured

(D) penalized by forfeiting all his earned MCLE units

(E) excused because attendance by proxy is a widespread and tolerated MCLE practice

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