2013 (Legal Ethics) Bar Exam Questions: Multiple Choice Question 7

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Atty. Anunciante is engaged in the practice of law and has a regular, live, weekly TV program where he gives advice to and answers questions from the audience and program viewers concerning U.S. immigration problems. Occasionally, advertisements inviting viewers to watch his TV program are shown outside his regular program schedule. Because of the popularity of his TV program, the number of his law practice clients increased tremendously.

The TV program of Atty. Anunciante is _____________. (1%)

(A) permissible because it is public service in nature

(B) objectionable because the work involves indirect advertising or solicitation of business

(C) improper because it gives him an unfair advantage over other lawyers

(D) ethically allowable because it does not violate the traditional standards of the legal profession

(E) None of the above.

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