2013 (Legal Ethics) Bar Exam Questions: Multiple Choice Question 8

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Vito is a notorious gangster in the province who has been accused of raping and mercilessly killing a 16-year old girl. Sentiments run very strongly against him and the local Bar Association met and decided that no lawyer in the locality would represent him. Vito could not afford the services of an out-of-town counsel.

Choose the most appropriate legal and ethical characterization of the decision of the local Bar Association. (1%)

(A) It is within its right to make, since lawyers may freely decide who to represent and who not to represent.

(B) It is unethical; it constitutes a collective denial of Vito’s right to the assistance of counsel.

(C) It constitutes an anticipated act of contempt towards the court that may order any of the members of the association to represent the accused.

(D) It must be concurred in by each member of the Bar Association to have any binding force.

(E) It is unethical because the Bar Association already prejudged Vito.

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