2013 (Mercantile Law) Bar Exam Questions: Essay Question 6

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Delano Cruz is in default in the payment of his existing loan from BDP Bank. To extend and restructure this loan, Delano agreed to execute a trust receipt in the bank’s favor covering the iron pellets Delano imported from China one year earlier. Delano subsequently succeeded in selling the iron pellets to a smelting plant, but the proceeds went to the payment of the separation benefits of his employees who were laid off as he reduced his operations.

When the extended loan period expired without any significant payment from Delano (not even to the extent of the proceeds of the sale of the iron pellets), BDP Bank consulted you on how to proceed against Delano. The bank is contemplating the filing of estafa pursuant to the provisions of Pres. Decree No. 115 (Trust Receipts Law) to force Delano to turn in at least the proceeds of the sale of the iron pellets.

Would you, as bank counsel and as an officer of the court, advise the bank to proceed with its contemplated action? (8%)


  1. No, the contemplated action would necessarily fail, there is no violation of the trust receipt law. The goods subject of the trust receipts were already owned by Delano when the same was executed. At most it would just be an additional security for the loan

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