2013 (Political Law) Bar Exam Questions: Multiple Choice Question 11

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XI. At the Senate impeachment trial of Justice Pablo P. San Quintin, Hon. Emilio A. Tan, Congressman and Impeachment Panel Manager, wrote the Supreme Court requesting that the prosecutors be allowed to examine the court records of Stewards Association of the Philippines, Inc. (SAPI) v. Filipinas Air, et al., G.R. No. 987654, a case that is still pending. The High Court ________. (1%)

(A) may grant the request by reason of inter-departmental courtesy

(B) may grant the request as the records of the Filipinas Air case are public records

(C) should deny the request since records of cases that are pending for decision are privileged except only for pleadings, orders and resolutions that are available to the public

(D) should deny the request because it violates the Court’s independence and the doctrine of separation of powers

(E) should grant the request because of the sui generis nature of the power of impeachment, provided that the Bill of Rights is not violated


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