2013 (Political Law) Bar Exam Questions: Multiple Choice Question 2

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II. Offended by the President’s remarks that the Bureau of Customs is a pit of misfits and corrupt, the Bureau of Customs Employees Association composed of 3,000 workers seeks your legal advice on how to best protest what it views to be the President’s baseless remarks.

A prudent legal advice is that ________. (1%)

(A) employees can go on mass leave of absence for one week

(B) employees can march and rally at Mendiola every Monday

(C) employees can barricade the gates of the Port of Manila at South Harbor and call for the resignation of the incumbent Commissioner of Customs

(D) employees can wear black arm bands and pins with the word “UNFAIR” inscribed

(E) None of the above can legally be done.


  1. I think the answer is letter D. I agree with you guys that government employees are not allowed to strike. A strike occurs when there is stoppage of work. In letter D, there is no stoppage of work. In fact, letter D can come within the purview of free speech.

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