2013 (Political Law) Bar Exam Questions: Multiple Choice Question 3

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III. Congress enacted Republic Act No. 1234 requiring all candidates for public offices to post an election bond equivalent to the one (1) year salary for the position for which they are candidates. The bond shall be forfeited if the candidates fail to obtain at least 10% of the votes cast.

Is Republic Act No. 1234 valid? (1%)

(A) It is valid as the bond is a means of ensuring fair, honest, peaceful and orderly elections.

(B) It is valid as the bond requirements ensures that only candidates with sufficient means and who cannot be corrupted, can run for public office.

(C) It is invalid as the requirement effectively imposes a property qualification to run for public office.

(D) It is invalid as the amount of the surety bond is excessive and unconscionable.

(E) It is valid because it is a reasonable requirement; the Constitution itself expressly supports the accountability of public officers.


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