2013 (Remedial Law) Bar Exam Questions: Essay Question 5

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The spouses Juan reside in Quezon City. With their lottery winnings,they purchased a parcel of land in Tagaytay City for P100,000.00. In a recent trip to their Tagaytay property, they were surprised to see hastily assembled shelters of light materials occupied by several families of informal settlers who were not there when they last visited the property three (3) months ago.

To rid the spouses’ Tagaytay property of these informal settlers, briefly discuss the legal remedy you, as their counsel, would use; the steps you would take; the court where you would file your remedy if the need arises; and the reason/s for your actions. (7%)


  1. Again, natatandaan kong sagot eh! send demand letter to informal settlers concerned, with final demand to vacate the premises at once, if the same demand to vacate is disregarded, then correspondingly a compliant for forcible entry will then be filed against the informal settlers duly served with the same demand letter before the Municipal Trial Court of Tagaytay. Now I wonder what answer or answers the examiner was exactly expecting from us,,,kabado po ako dahil, dami ko erasure, sana maging considerate po naman siya, sa handwritting, lalo na sa mga na mild stroke na minsan,

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