2014 (Civil Law) Bar Exam Questions: Question 28

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Spouses Esteban and Maria decided to raise their two (2) nieces, Faith and Hope, both minors, as their own children after the parents of the minors died in a vehicular accident.

Ten (10) years after, Esteban died. Maria later on married her boss Daniel, a British national who had been living in the Philippines for two (2) years.

With the permission of Daniel, Maria filed a petition for the adoption of Faith and Hope. She did not include Daniel as her co-petitioner because for Maria, it was her former husband Esteban who raised the kids.

If you are the judge, how will you resolve the petition? (4%)

One comment

  1. Maria shall include Daniel as her co-petitioner since that her former husband was already dead and Daniel is now her present husband who give his obligation as a father of two.

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