2014 (Commercial Law) Bar Exam Questions: Question 7

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Jinggy went to Kluwer University (KU) in Germany for his doctorate degree (Ph.D.). He completed his degree with the highest honors in the shortest time. When he came back, he decided to set-up his own graduate school in his hometown in Zamboanga. After seeking free legal advice from his high-flying lawyer-friends, he learned that the Philippines follows the territoriality principle in trademark law, i.e., trademark rights are acquired through valid registration in accordance with the law. Forthwith, Jinggy named his school the Kluwer Graduate School of Business of Mindanao and immediately secured registration with the Bureau of Trademarks. KU did not like the unauthorized use of its name by its top alumnus no less. KU sought your help. What advice can you give KU? (4%)


  1. Having a problem with this. Jurisprudence states that registration of tradename is not necessary to maintain an infringement suit; it is required only that such name has been in use for trade or commerce in the Philippines…
    Hence, since Kruwer University is a foreign institution not operating in the Philippines, not commercially even, the suit against the use of its tradename in the Philippines cannot prosper.

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