2014 (Labor Law) Bar Exam Questions: Question 9

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Luisa Court is a popular chain of motels. It employs over 30 chambermaids who, among others, help clean and maintain the rooms. These chambermaids are part of the union rank-and-file employees which has an existing collective bargaining agreement (CBA) with the company. While the CBA was in force, Luisa Court decided to abolish the position of chambermaids and outsource the cleaning of the rooms to Malinis Janitorial Services, a bona fide independent contractor which has invested in substantial equipment and sufficient manpower. The chambermaids filed a case of illegal dismissal against Luisa Court. In response, the company argued that the decision to outsource resulted from the new management’s directive to streamline operations and save on costs. If you were the Labor Arbiter assigned to the case, how would you decide? (4%)

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  1. I will dismiss it outright because the presence of an existing CBA shall mean referral to the grievance machinery then voluntary arbitration before coming up to the LA.

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