2014 (Taxation) Bar Exam Questions: Question 29

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Doña Evelina, a rich widow engaged in the business of currency exchange, was assessed a considerable amount of local business taxes by the City Government of Bagnet by virtue of Tax Ordinance No. 24. Despite her objections thereto, Doña Evelina paid the taxes. Nevertheless, unsatisfied with said Tax Ordinance, Doña Evelina, through her counsel Atty. ELP, filed a written claim for recovery of said local business taxes and contested the assessment. Her claim was denied, and so Atty. ELP elevated her case to the Regional Trial Court (RTC).

The RTC declared Tax Ordinance No. 24 null and void and without legal effect for having been enacted in violation of the publication requirement of tax ordinances and revenue measures under the Local Government Code (LGC) and on the ground of double taxation. On appeal, the Court of Tax Appeals (CTA) affirmed the decision of the RTC. No motion for reconsideration was filed and the decision became final and executory. (4%)

(A) If you are Atty. ELP, what advice will you give Doña Evelina so that she can recover the subject local business taxes?

(B) If Doña Evelina eventually recovers the local business taxes, must the same be considered as income taxable by the national government?

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