2016 Bar Exam: Information, Discussions, Tips, Questions and Results

[Note: 2017 bar exam, 2018 bar exam threads] We’re a bit late in posting a separate thread for the 2016 bar examinations, but here it is. As per our tradition, it’s time to have this separate post to track and centralize discussions on the preparations, schedule and related information for the 2015 bar examination (those who wish to continue discussing the 2015 bar exam, go here). The bar results will also be posted here. This post will be updated from time to time. Feel free to drop by and share your updates through the comment section below. As always, good luck and God bless, ladies and gents.

Bar Exam Questions:

Update (24 November 2016): The 2016 bar exams Chairperson stated that there’s no truth to the rumors on leakage in Commercial Law and Criminal Law. Click here for the full text of statement.


  1. Pumasa rin po ako. Kita kita po tayo sa PICC! God is good to the faithful. Let us not only be good lawyers but ethical lawyers too.

  2. I passed the bar, too! I need to change
    my username from ReadyForPICC to ReadyForMOA hahaha! Congratulations to those who passed the bar. God is good!

  3. CONGRATS TO EVERYONE!!!! remember this feeling, this moment whenever you encounter any pressures or stress while performing your duty as a lawyer. this is only the beginning guys, the road ahead is a long, winding and rocky one. you will encounter a lot, good and bad, but always treasure that ATTY before your name for it is already a part of you until you die. always remember what you endured to get that ATTY and never NEVER let no one take that away from you. be proud, but be more humble. yes, having that ATTY is something precious, but it entails a lot of responsibilities, for your countrymen will rely on you to defend them, to protect them. their right to life, liberty and property are on your hands. earning that ATTY carries with it that caveat that with great powers come great responsibilities so always keep that in mind and be guided by the lawyer’s oath.

  4. @BAR Flunker no more, love to read your gratitude. Congratulations!

    To those who did not make it, you still have another time. Rest if you must but NEVER quit.

    1. I want to thank you for extending help kahit na hindi ko na pinagpatuloy yung lessons. I finally got the atty prefix.

  5. Was the 75% passing grade maintained or were there adjustments made to achieve the 59.06% passing rate?

      1. @AttyRealist mentioned that passing percentage was 28% and he was very sure about it. Maybe the 28% is based on 75% passing grade? For the passing rate to balloon to 59.06%, maybe SC did drop the passing grade to 70%?

      2. why are you shocked? rejoice for those who rejoice, weep for those who weep. maraming pumasa, maraming happy, eh di makisaya tayo. 75% naman talaga ang passing. kung ilower nila, en banc ang magdedecision yan. collegial body ang supreme court. since walang decision ng en banc na ilower, eh di walang iaanounce. ibig sabihin maintain yung passing grade na 75%. kudos sa mga examiners na very generous sa grade, but still kudos sa mga pumasa kasi pinag hirapan din nila yun.

      3. the difference between 28% and 59.06%, kasi yung source ng former is a troll dito sa forum, aka “gudjab”. maraming kumakagat pa rin sa kanya ngayon.

      4. Gudjab can’t accept the reality, haha. Baka mamaya sabihing bumaba ang ang standard ng mga examiners sa pag gauge ng mga answers.

      1. Otherwise, the Chair would announce that there was adjustment. In the past, they publicly announced that they adjusted the passing grade.

  6. Good morning! Akala ko ako lang maaga nagising ngayun. May mas maaga pa pala sa akin jejeje. Panyeros/ panyeras na nandito sa forum, magandang umaga sa inyo! Salamat sa mga sharings, thoughts, opinion,advice, and posts nyo dito kc sa mga panahon ng paghihintay natin na kung saan maraming dahilan pra mag doubt at panghinahan ng loob, ay nakapagbigay ang mga posts at sharing nyo sa akin ng dahilan rin pala humawak at huwag bumitiw. Dahil sa posts at sharings nyo ay naramdaman ko na hindi ako nag iisa sa kung anuman yung pinagdadaanan ko at dahil dun ay nag kakaroon ako ng lakas loob na umasa at patuloy na umasa. Salamat po!

    1. Never quit sir/mam. Pwede ka mag pahinga pero wag kang hihinto, from a 2016 bar passer who took the bar thrice.

    2. @seldom. Wag mawalan nang pag asa. Kapapasa ko lang after my fourth attempt at marami kami ng mga friends ko, un isa 5th taker pa. Oo madaming pumapasa on their 6th to nth attempt including one na pang 11th attempt na nya and made it in the 2011 BAR. I think 2 years ago my nagtake din na ika 16th na. So just hold on to your dream and pray pasasaan ba at ibibigay nya rin

      1. Really? I’m curious, I thought the 3 strike rule was lifted not more than a decade ago?

  7. @seldom
    Kahit dumadami na dahilan pra sumuko, at mas madali na mag give-up kaysa ipagpatuloy at ilaban yung dream na maging lawyer, seldom sana piliin mo pa rin na maging lawyer ka rin sa mga susunod na taon. Gaya mo marami besis din ako nag take bar, nagrefresher ako at exam ulit, at ito na nga pumasa na rin ako. Kaya bro/sis refresher ulit pra by 2018 exam at 2019 makukuha mo na rin period sa atty mo. Marami tayo hindi ka nag iisa sa pinagdadaan mo ngayun.

  8. Maraming tumatanda na di pa rin mkuha ang Atty. Bakit? Sumuko na.

    Ang di pag suko lang talaga mkukuha ang lisensya. Certain yan.

  9. Waiting for posts regarding the ratings per subject. Last year, PALS facebook page posted it at the same day na narelease ung release ung results.

    Though I heard from somewhere na more than 70% daw pumasa sa CRIM?

  10. pasagot naman po, ilang bar exams ang pwede itake pag makatapos ng refresher? i took 2012, 2013, and 2014. this year pa lang ako kukuha ng refresher. one is to one ba? or one refresher to another 3 sets of bar exams. yea we have to be positive and not entertain ng mga what if’s-nega-chocho, pero valid naman yung question di ba..

    1. hi. the rule is one refresher plus mandatory review then pede kang magexam. pag di p rin pinalad ulit uli ng refresher plus mandatory review.

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