2016 Bar Exam: Information, Discussions, Tips, Questions and Results

[Note: 2017 bar exam thread, here] We’re a bit late in posting a separate thread for the 2016 bar examinations, but here it is. As per our tradition, it’s time to have this separate post to track and centralize discussions on the preparations, schedule and related information for the 2015 bar examination (those who wish to continue discussing the 2015 bar exam, go here). The bar results will also be posted here. This post will be updated from time to time. Feel free to drop by and share your updates through the comment section below. As always, good luck and God bless, ladies and gents.

Bar Exam Questions:

Update (24 November 2016): The 2016 bar exams Chairperson stated that there’s no truth to the rumors on leakage in Commercial Law and Criminal Law. Click here for the full text of statement.


    1. I asked personally the same question. I was told that the date written on my paper is already final. Kaya dapat daw na sure akong dadating on the date that I chose. And that I should not be late. So if ur reason in failing to appear is not a matter of life and death, i suggest u follow the sched given to u.

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      1. Sayang naman, I regret not having requested the schedule to be on june. Ok then, thanks.

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  1. What’s the basis in categorizing luzon-vis-min bar passers? Is it law school or residence?

    Thanks!! Planning to get the clearance on the 19th and i’ll coming from mindanao.

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  2. Hi. I just called OBC to check if we can get our guest passes na tomorrow Wednesday. I was told by the girl on the phone na they just received the passes fresh from printing and they have to count or tally pa daw the passes. So to be sure, Thursday morning na lang pumunta to get them.

    And FYI, we have to get our passes personally. They will not allow other people to get our passes, kahit pa may authorization letter.

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    1. Then why did the personnel last sunday tell me that somebody else may get it…just present lang daw a photocopy of the document indicating the date of signing plus authorization letter.

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      1. Yan dina ang sa mga friends ko na nauna sakin mag clearance. Na pwede ipakuha na lang sa iba, with authorization and ID. So I don’t know kung bakit nag change sila ng instruction. Yan lang sabi saken over the phone, please don’t shoot the messenger. Haha.

        We can try pa naman, who knows baka they will allow since madami naman ipapakuha na lang sa iba. Baka di na sila maging ganon ka strict. Or we can, again, call OBC to double check. 🙂

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    1. First come first serve basis. Kaya if we want to get a good seat, we have to be there early. Registration starts at 11 am. That was the instruction earlier.

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      1. Thanks!!! Same rule applies to parents? Or we’ll let them come after lunch?

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  3. That I’m not sure. Pero as per checking the tickets, the ones for the guests nakalagay ‘upper box’, so I guess they can choose anywhere sa upper box area sa MOA. The program starts at 3 so it’d be better if our parents would be there earlier din to get good seats.

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    1. When u get ur clearance, may nagpaparent ng toga sa tabi ng guard house. 250 ang rent and then 500 and deposit.

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  4. Guys pahelp naman. Sino po nakakaalam paano kumuha ng IBP I.D. Plano ko po kasi kumuha right after ng oath taking. Paano po ba process? Makukuha din po ba agad?lGaling pa po kasi ako sa malayo para po misanan na lang. Salamat po

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  5. 6 days na lang, full-pledged atty na ako. Yay! I wanna sing:

    “Lahat ng pinagdaanan at pinaghirapan nagbigay ng kalakasan upang marating ang isang PANGARAP” …

    Strangely, i did not cry when i saw my name on the list. But each time i hear that song, my humanity comes out. It reminds me of my sacrifices before I pass the Bar. It will forever be my Bar Song.

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  6. Hi po. Any idea paano magtayo ng law office. I mean the processes,,permits etc etc.especially when it will be located in a commercial area. Thank you in advance.

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  7. Hello, congrats po sa inyo 2016 Bar passers..

    Hingi lang po tips in terms of effective reading materials

    codals, cases, own notes etc? salamat po

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    1. codals, cases, own notes, reviewer books.

      For reviewer books, I suggest that u use only one author. I highly recommend the books of Riano for Remedial Law. I was so comfortable reading his books. He would repeat the discussions on topics that are significant for bar review purposes. If you find it difficult to understand civil pro, read his book by starting from the first page. The first chapter will give you the picture of the ins and outs of civil pro. Very basic ang approach nya. And I thank him coz I got a relatively high grade in Remedial Law in the recent Bar.

      But of course, try to assess yourself also. Use a strategy that u feel is best and effective for you. Malalaman mo naman yan sa sarili mo. Mararamdaman mo pag at the end of each day, satisfied ka sa sarili mo na may naintindihan ka sa mga binasa mo.

      Good luck!

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