2016 Bar Exam: Information, Discussions, Tips, Questions and Results

[Note: 2017 bar exam, 2018 bar exam threads] We’re a bit late in posting a separate thread for the 2016 bar examinations, but here it is. As per our tradition, it’s time to have this separate post to track and centralize discussions on the preparations, schedule and related information for the 2015 bar examination (those who wish to continue discussing the 2015 bar exam, go here). The bar results will also be posted here. This post will be updated from time to time. Feel free to drop by and share your updates through the comment section below. As always, good luck and God bless, ladies and gents.

Bar Exam Questions:

Update (24 November 2016): The 2016 bar exams Chairperson stated that there’s no truth to the rumors on leakage in Commercial Law and Criminal Law. Click here for the full text of statement.


  1. Hello guys! Kumusta mga rating nyo? Pala, if you have inside info naman about vacancies govt or corporate share nyo naman for those who have no idea where and how to apply.

      1. PNP legal service and AFP JAGO office, nakita ko fb post. try to visit their Fb pages nandun requirements

    1. Mine is not that good, i techbically failed 3 subjects. Buti na lang nahila ng iba. How about the rest in this forum? Anong subjects anf lowest and highest niyo? Meron din bang mga subjects na di niyo pinasa?

      1. My highest is mercantile law. Next highest is remedial.
        Lowest is Tax. πŸ™

        Fortunately, i have no line of 6.

      2. My highest is mercantile law. Next highest is remedial.
        Lowest is Tax. πŸ™

        Fortunately, i have no line of 6.

      3. What’s your grade in mercantile and civil? I bet you got at least a line of 8 as overall rating.

        My highest only is 89in remedial law, which is the only line of 8 i got. Unfortunately also, I got line of 6 in criminal and civil law. The rest are all line of 7.

      4. My highest is Remedial Law and my lowest (and only failing grade) is Ethics. Nakakahiya na nakakatawa. Hahaha.

      5. I noticed that many got good scores in Rem, but I didn’t though I passed…have no line of 7 either…but I screwed up tax….civ and poli are quite disappointing also…palakol din.

      6. Yeah, it’s really disappointing, for me. Nakakawala ng confidence sa pag-aapply. Do you know of any company or line of lawyering work that doesn’t require an applicant to present his bar rating?

      7. I too have line of 6. Daming pumasa sa criminal law…. and till now parang di ko tanggap na bagsak ako dun…. Civil law of course bagsak din….

      8. 1ST SUNDAY
        P- 76

        2ND SUNDAY
        T- 72

        3RD SUNDAY

        4TH SUNDAY
        R- 98

        GWA: 85.97

      9. Your bar rating or grades in each bar subject does not determine your competency as a lawyer. The moment you are admitted, you start from ground zero.

        Bar exams are subjective. There are many factors that could have affected the high or low rating that you got; in fact, the mood and prejudices of the examiner in each subject may have something to do with it. Most employers know this, that’s why at most they won’t solely rely on bar grades as indicator if you will be “consistently” exceptional in your chosen line of work.

      10. Hi red, not sure if you were referring to me dun sa comment mo. My comment was right about yours eh. Anyway, nope. Civ is my second lowest (75) and Tax is my second highest (83). I got 73 sa Ethics. I found Civ and Crim difficult.

      11. @Grades

        Your bar rating will surely be deliberated on if you apply in the government. As for the private sector, some companies that are forward-looking may require only your bar certificate, as proof that you are member of the Bar. If you don’t want to have your past records scrutinized, then be your own employer. Start your own law practice. It’s in that area where you have the opportunity if you want to prove your competency.

  2. Hello, fellow “fresh” lawyers!

    My first case is MURDER. Yeah, I know, mabigat. But the family members had been waiting for me to pass the bar to handle their case. So I couldn’t say NO to them. Their trust is overwhelming. So from day one after my signing on the roll of attys, I have been studying this case even though I have not officially entered my appearance as their lawyer yet (my requirements are still incomplete as of this date.)

    Now that I had the chance to be a lawyer, I realized that it is truly challenging and stressful. I find myself overly concerned. I am working until dawn studying the case. I’m giving my best, even if it is a pro bono case. (Hey, it’s our profession, isn’t it?) My passion to win this case is 100 times more than the passion I had when I was reviewing for the Bar. So there goes the “stress”, too.

    Right now, I am mastering the OBJECTIONS in trial practice. I don’t want to be “eaten alive” by the opposing prosecutor. Hehe.

    Just sharing…

  3. Hi! I’m as much as excited for you. Thanks for sharing. I haven’t really plan to practice right after admission to the bar, but now I’m thinking about it. Are you going to be a solo practitioner, or you are in a firm right now?

    1. @bp2016

      I’m still confused whether to open my own law firm or be a PAO lawyer. My husband wants me to apply as PAO lawyer to get more litigation experiences. I just couldn’t say NO to the family since I know that my client-to-be (not yet official pa kc) is really innocent. Besides, several friends are asking me to handle their (annulment) cases. So, I am really confused whether to practice or be employed.

      It’s good that I have a 4-year experience in a law firm as Office Administrator when I was a law student. Somehow, I have the idea how to run a law firm. But I want to be a PAO lawyer, too. Hayyy…


      1. That’s good for you, at least you were employed in a firm before, and you know some lawyers who could guide and be your mentor as you deal with your pending cases. But still, it’s like plunging into the unknown, yung sasabak na agad mag-isa even without litigation experience.

        I’m trying to find some books or any info about starting as a solo practitioner even as a new lawyer. So far wala pa akong nahanap. Most articles I found online recommend gaining experience and confidence first by joining firms or being employed. It’s indeed a wise advise and it’s the most logical thing to do, but I really hope it’s possible the other way around.

        It may seem difficult and far-fetched, but who says it can’t be done, right? Naalala ko tuloy yung korean drama na Remember: War of the Son, hehe. You’d be one in a million, I think, if you proceed head on with your cases as a fresh lawyer. And I’m really glad that someone in the same situation is contemplating about it. Though ang kaibahan nga lang is you already have some cases waiting to be handled by you. Cheers!

  4. I think it would be difficult to find a place that won’t require a copy of the BAR rating We’re lawyers already and that’s what’s up…the rating won’t completely define you as a lawyer unless you live up to it….let’s do our best with whatever line of work we find line of 6 or not…kahit bagsak pa ang ethics basta hindi bagsak sa totoong buhay! πŸ™‚

    1. Right @shimshimi.

      Kahit mababa ang Tax ko (a screamin’ 71!) importante, atty na ako. Hahaha!

      At may dalawang cases na akong hawak from the time I signed on the Roll of Attys. (Criminal and Civil)

      ….And my counting begins.

      1. @Renz
        Sorry. Parasa mga pumasa, kasama sa roll signing.
        Para sa d pinalad, i just don’t know kung pwede kunin nang personal.

    1. For those who didn’t pass, pwede mo personally kunin yung rating mo sa OBC pero I’m not sure if available na rating now. Last year, I got mine around June-July 2016. Pero they also mail the rating naman if you don’t want to get it personally from the OBC.

    1. @Justice
      I think when u have Roll #, IbP # and an address where court processes may be sent. Yun kc nababasa ko sa mga pleading.

      Anyone who has a better answer? I need to know, too.

  5. Do u have any idea how much is a notarial seal in recto? And how many days should I wait..
    And the notarial regster..

  6. I had my first court appearance in a criminal case. I tell you fellow fresh lawyers, masarap po ang pakiramdam na makatulong bilang isang lawyer. Lalo na kung walang pera ang client mo para magbayad ng serbisyo ng isang abogado. Dun ko nafeel ang essence ng lawyer’s oath ko. I must say, it was a frightening but a challenging experience to argue with a seasoned lawyer in court. It was really something worth remembering.

    Now, I am having the taste of being a lawyer (after lawschool).

  7. Hello panyeros and panyeras, any idea kung ano ang process sa pagkuha ng exam booklets for those who pass the bar exam? I would love to get it back sana.

    1. Hi po, Atty! Hindi na po binibigay ng SC ang exam booklets since 2010 (if i am not mistaken). Went to the OBC last week and saw piles of bar exam booklets (not sure from what bar exam year). A co-examinee asked one of the employees from OBC kung ano gagawin sa booklets, he said “tutunawin”… maybe what he meant was irerecycle.

  8. Hi mga lawyers. Ok lang po ba maka hingi sa 2016 Baste Mock Bar Q&A? Self review lang po kasi ako. salamat in advance sa donors.

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