2016 (Civil Law) Bar Exam Questions: Question 20

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Princess married Roberto and bore a son, Onofre. Roberto died in a plane crash. Princess later married Mark and they also had a son – Pepito. Onofre donated to Pepito, his half-brother, a lot in Makati City worth P3,000,000.00. Pepito succumbed to an illness and died intestate. The lot given to Pepito by Onofre was inherited by his father, Mark. Mark also died intestate. Lonely, Princess followed Mark to the life beyond. The claimants to the subject lot emerged – Jojo, the father of Princess; Victor, the father of Mark; and Jerico, the father ofRoberto.

Who among the three (3) ascendants is entitled to the lot? Explain. (5%)


  1. No one among the three ascendants is entitled to the lot. Pepito who is still alive is entitled to the lot. He is the nearest in the 3rd degree from the propositus and within the same line of the origin.

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