2016 (Criminal Law) Bar Exam Questions: Question 11

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Angelino, a Filipino, is a transgender who underwent gender reassignment and had implants in different parts of her body. She changed her name to Angelina and was a finalist in the Miss Gay International. She came back to the Philippines and while she was walking outside her home, she was abducted by Max and Razzy who took her to a house in the province. She was then placed in a room and Razzy forced her to have sex with him at knife’s point. After the act, it dawned upon Razzy that Angelina is actually a male. Incensed, Razzy called Max to help him beat Angelina. The beatings that Angelina received eventually caused her death. What crime or crimes, if any, were committed? Explain. (5%)


    1. Kidnapping with Murder qualified by abuse of suprerior strength, forcible abduction can only be committed against a women and not to man.

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