2016 (Criminal Law) Bar Exam Questions: Question 20

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A, an OFW, worked in Kuwait for several years as a chief accountant, religiously sending to his wife, B, 80% of all his earnings. After his stint abroad, he was shocked to know that B became the paramour of a married man, C, and that all the monies he sent to B were given by her to C. To avenge his honor, A hired X, Y and Z and told them to kidnap C and his wife, D, so that he can inflict injuries on C to make him suffer, and humiliate him in front of his wife. X, Y and Z were paid P20,000.00 each and were promised a reward of P50,000.00 each once the job is done.

At midnight, A, with the fully armed X, Y and Z, forcibly opened the door and gained entrance to the house of C and D. C put up a struggle before he was subdued by A’s group. They boarded C and D in a van and brought the two to a small hut in a farmoutsideMetroManila. Both hands of Cand D were tied. With the help of X, Y and Z, A raped D in front ofC. X, Y and Z then took turns in raping D, and subjected C to torture until he was black and blue and bleeding profusely from several stab wounds. A and his group set the hut on fire before leaving, killing both C and D. X, Y and Z were paid their reward. Bothered by his conscience, A surrendered the next day to the police, admitting the crimes he committed.

As the RTC judge, decide what crime or crimes were committed by A, X, Y and Z, and what mitigating and aggravating circumstances will be applied in imposing the penalty. Explain. (5%)

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