2016 (Legal Ethics) Bar Exam Questions: Question 12

[Answer/discuss the question below, or see 2016 bar exam Legal Ethics Instructions; 2016 Legal and Judicial Ethics questions: 12345678910111213141516171819 and 20; See also 2016 Bar Exam: Information, Discussions, Tips, Questions and Results]


Jaybee engaged the services of Atty. Pete to defend him in a criminal case for murder. During trial, when the defense was presenting its evidence, Jaybee admitted to Atty. Pete that he killed the victim in the case. Atty. Pete withdrew from the case. Jaybee sued Atty. Pete for disbarment alleging that the latter violated Canon 15 of the CPR that “a lawyer shall observe candor, fairness and loyalty in all his dealings and transactions with his client” and Canon 17 of the CPR that “a lawyer owes fidelity to the cause of his client and he shall be mindful ofthe trust and confidence reposed in him.” Rule on the case and explain. (5%)

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