2016 (Mercantile Law) Bar Exam Questions: Question 13

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C Corp. is the direct holder of 10% of the shareholdings in U Corp., a non- listed (not public) firm, which in turn owns 62% of the shareholdings in H Corp., a publicly listed company. The other principal stockholder in H Corp. is C Corp. which owns 18% of its shares. Meanwhile, the majority stocks in U Corp. are owned by B Corp. and V Corp. at 22% and 30%, respectively. B Corp. and V Corp. later sold their respective shares in U Corp. to C Corp., thereby resulting in the increase ofC Corp.’s interest in U Corp., whether direct or indirect, to more than 50%.

[a] Explain the Tender Offer Rule under the Securities Regulation Code. (2.5%)

[b] Does the Tender Offer Rule apply in this case where there has been an indirect acquisition of the shareholdings in H Corp. by C Corp.? Discuss. (2.5%)

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