2016 (Taxation) Bar Exam Questions: Question 15

[Answer/discuss the question below, or see 2016 bar exam Taxation Instructions; 2016 Taxation Questions:  123456789101112131416171819, and 20; See also 2016 Bar Exam: Information, Discussions, Tips, Questions and Results]


Peter is the Vice-President for Sales of Golden Dragon Realty Conglomerate, Inc. (Golden Dragon). A group of five (5) foreign investors visited the country for possible investment in the condominium units and subdivision lots ofGolden Dragon. After a tour ofthe properties for sale, the investors were wined and dined by Peter at the posh Conrad’s Hotel at the cost of Pl 50,000.00. Afterward, the investors were brought to a party in a videoke club which cost the company P200,000.00 for food and drinks, and the amount of P80,000.00 as tips for business promotion officers. Expenses at Conrad’s Hotel and the videoke club were receipted and submitted to support the deduction for representation and entertainment expenses. Decide if all the representation and entertainment expenses claimed by Golden Dragon are deductible. Explain. (5%)

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