2016 (Taxation) Bar Exam Questions: Question 9

[Answer/discuss the question below, or see 2016 bar exam Taxation Instructions; 2016 Taxation Questions:   1234567810111213141516171819, and 20; See also 2016 Bar Exam: Information, Discussions, Tips, Questions and Results]


[a] Explain the procedure for claiming refunds or tax credits of input Value Added Tax (VAT) for zero-rated or effectively zero-rated sales under Sec. 112 of the National Internal Revenue Code (NIRC) from the filing of an application with the CIR up to the CTA. (2.5%)

[b] Explain the procedure for claiming refunds of tax erroneously or illegally collected under Sec. 229 ofthe NIRC from the filing ofthe claim for refunds withtheCIRuptotheCTA. (2.5%)

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