2017 (Criminal Law) Bar Exam Questions: Question 2

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Sixteen year old Aliswan prodded Amethyst, his girlfriend, to remove her clothing while they were secretly together in her bedroom late one evening. Failing to get a positive response from her, he forcibly undressed her. Apprehensive about rousing the attention of the household who did not know of his presence inside her room, she resisted him with minimal strength, but she was really sobbing in a muffled manner. He then undressed himself while blocking- the door. Yet, the image of a hapless and sobbing Amethyst soon brought him to his senses, and impelled him to leave her room naked. He did not notice in his hurry that Amante, the father of Amethyst, who was then sitting alone on a sofa in the sala, saw him leave his daughter’s room naked.

Outside the house, the now-clothed Aliswan spotted Allesso, Amethyst’s former suitor. Knowing how Allesso had aggressively pursued Amethyst, Aliswan fatally stabbed Allesso. Aliswan immediately went into hiding afterwards.

Upon learning from Amethyst about what Aliswan had done to her, an enraged Amante wanted to teach Aliswan a lesson he would never forget. Amante set out the next day to look for Aliswan in his school. There, Amante found a young man who looked very much like Aliswan. Amante immediately rushed and knocked the young man unconscious on the pavement, and then draped his body with a prepared tarpaulin reading RAPIST AKO HUWAG TULARAN. Everyone else in the school was shocked upon witnessing what had just transpired, unable to believe that the timid and quiet Alisto, Aliswan’s identical twin brother, had committed rape.

(a) A criminal complaint for attempted rape with homicide was brought against Aliswan in the Prosecutor’s Office. However, after preliminary investigation, the Investigating Prosecutor recommended the filing of two separate informations – one for attempted rape and the other for homicide. Do you agree with the recommendation? Explain your answer. (3%)

(b) Before the trial court, Aliswan moved that the cases should be dismissed because he was entitled to the exempting circumstance of minority. Is his motion correct? Explain your answer. (3%)

(c) After receiving medical attendance for 10 days, Alisto consulted you about filing the proper criminal complaint against Amante. What crimes, if any, will you charge Amante with? Explain your answer. (3%)

(d) Answering the criminal complaint filed by Alisto, Amante contended that he had incurred no criminal liability for lack of criminal intent on his part, his intended victim being Aliswan, not Alisto. What is this defense of Amante, and explain if the same will prosper? (3%)

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