2018 Bar Exam: Information, Discussions, Tips, Questions and Results

Let’s have the usual central post to track and centralize discussions on the preparations, schedule and related information for the 2018 bar examination (those who wish to continue discussing the 2017 bar exam, go here). The bar results will also be posted here. This post will be updated from time to time. Feel free to drop by and share your updates through the comment section below. As always, good luck and God bless, ladies and gents.

Venue: University of Sto. Tomas (UST), Espana, Manila

Schedule (click each subject for the syllabus):


  1. Let’s pray that the examiners will be lenient in checking the exam. The exam was too long particularly Commercial. Nakatulala lang ako nung nag ring na para sa last 5minutes, wala ng pumasok na information sa utak ko I was answering the questions about copyright and trademark. D ko tuloy na analyze masyado ung tinatatanong. In addition, the characters in the problem have the same letters..huhuu

  2. Mercantile was very challenging for me too. Those loooong facts, confusing names, and sub questions made me cry after the exam. Exhausting talaga yung Merc.

  3. I thought Civil was okay but when I tried to read again the question, that was hard and tricky.
    May the examiners this year bar exams’ would be kind enough in considering our answers. Let’s continue to pray for the best.

  4. Indeed. All subjects were extremely difficult. Even the noted lecturers who are considered experts on their field were not able to forecast the questions as cited by Judge Campanilla in his FB post. The 2018 Bar exams was special. In fact the chairman instructed the examiners to craft questions not patterned from the previous bar exams. Decided cases were intertwined in one problem i.e the case of Cagandahan and Silverio in Civil Law. The case of PP vs. Luz mixed with PP. vs Dela Cruz in POli and a lot more.

    Let us pray for the best. To God be the Glory.

    1. Malawak ang scope ng exams but it is within the syllabus namn…talagang tricky ang mga questions. It might appear that it is leaning towards one principle but it turns out na hinde nmn applicable.

      1. Yes I agree.

        Assoc. Justice del Castillo was consistent with his statement when he visited our examination rooms and it drew cheers.

        ” I will tell the examiners to be lenient in checking your booklets, in case of doubt it will be resolved in your favor”

        Can you share the statements of Justice MDC when he visited your rooms?#hopeful#worthtobeshared

  5. I can attest to that. During the 3rd Sunday,on or about 7 :45 am, the Chairman went to our room accompanied by Theodore Te and he said na he instructed the examiners to be considerate because he wants to have a higher passing rate for 2018.

      1. Sana. This is not official. Be that as it may, Let’s pray for the examiners that they will be kind and merciful in checking our exam booklets. To God be the glory.

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