3-column K2 wordpress theme: help needed

This site is based on the cool K2 theme (note: we’re obviously using another theme now). It’s pretty obvious but I just have to say it again (let’s just say it’s a way of supporting something great). The FAQ at Binary Bonsai says that the chances of a 3-column K2 being released is slim and if its going to happen, its going to happen late in the process.

I was pleasantly surprised upon learning that there are existing K2-based 3-column themes like TripleK2 by JohnTP (downloaded here) and the Anaconda (downloaded here). Both these themes position the sidebars on both sides.

However, I favor a configuration with both columns or sidebars at the right side, which is what the widgetized 3-column K2 by Bharath Kumar has achieved. I also tried 59ideas’ AdAdvantage (downloaded here).

Problem is, I can’t make any of those variants work properly in this site – the third column doesn’t appear in the “K2 Sidebar Modules” and in the actual site. I already posted a query at Bharath’s site and at the K2 Community Forum. If I get an answer or find a way to do it, I’ll post it here. On the other hand, if anyone knows how to achieve the 3-column effect with K2 (or fix the themes with 3 columns discussed above), please tell us how. It will be greatly appreciated.

Update (31Oct2006): I was able to achieve the 3-column effect by installing TripleK2 as a separate theme and was able to add sidebar modures (SBM) through plugin by Ben Sherratt. I was so glad it worked, until I viewed it using IE – the right sidebar could not be seen. So, back to the reliable basic K2 theme.


  1. Once you downloaded and uploaded the theme, activate it in the presentation tab. Then go to K2 options and select switch/switch.css option in the K2 scheme dropdown. Select update options and you are set.

  2. Allyn, thanks for responding to the SOS. I did exactly just what you said (and what is being said in other posts, particularly that of Bharath). Just to illustrate the problem, I already updated the options using switch/switch.css – here’s how it looks. I’ve seen your blog and it looks great.

    Mish, I’ve been working on it the whole evening…no luck yet. Good thing tomorrow is a holiday. It’s time for you to have sleepless nights, too =)

  3. You should try the Anaconda theme. It works fine on both Firefox and IE for me. An ad optimized version is available for down on our blog if you so wish to run banner ads in mutiple locations or monetize your blog.

  4. If the third column goes below the page, check the width of the other columns.

    Something in the column (table, image) might have stretched the column width and push the 3rd column below.

    Unfortunately it can be tricky to get Firefox and IE to work at the same time.

  5. Thanks for the suggestions. I tried Anaconda, but I guess I prefer the blue version. Ken, thanks. I actually started to tweak those settings, courtesy of Nektros’ tutorials. Unfortunately, you’re correct that it’s quite tricky, and I still have to find some spare time to continue with the changes. Maybe someone with the same theme and settings would post how he/she did it, then all I have to do is follow the tutorials. 😉

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