5 Most Inspiring OFW Entrepreneurs

Back in December 2006, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo awarded five overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) who became successful entrepreneurs. These inspiring OFW entrepreneurs are:

Agnes Marrero (Mt. Province)

Mrs. Marrero now manages a family resort, a dry goods store and a banana plantation in Tadian, Mt. Province. A mother of four, she worked as a domestic helper in Hong Kong for 15 years.

Eugenio Tayag (Tuguegarao City)

A medical doctor, Mr. Tayag now has a farm and a ranch in Tuguegarao, while at at the same time working as the City Health Officer of Tuguegarao. Dr. Tayag previously worked in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Consuelo Valencia (London)

Mrs. Valencia became a successful businesswoman by setting up remittance, freight and travel services, in addition to venturing into the sales of phone cards and real estate and recruitment and publishing house business. Mrs. Valencia was a domestic drudge in London.

Michael Abubakar (Sulu)

A civil engineer, Mr. Abubakar came home to build homes for the homeless in conflict-stricken Sulu. He worked in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for 27 years.

Norma Macalindong (Batangas)

M rs. Macalindog successfully ventured into selling Filipino food and products in Rome, Italy. She previously worked in Rome as a part-time domestic helper cleaning several houses in a day.

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