A Closure on the 2007 Bar Exams

The diverse opinions on the 2007 bar examination expressed in this site probably reflects the level of “controversy” surrounding it. I agree that more reforms are needed, although it’s unfair to say that the Supreme Court is not doing anything about it. I agree that the Supreme Court is not perfect, but any effort to destroy its credibility, especially when based on mere allegations, should never be allowed as it brings more harm. I agree that some are luckier than others, but it’s unfair to attribute everything to luck because we all know the extreme difficulty in preparing for the bar exams. I agree that there’s nothing else we could do because the result was already released, but it’s unfair to tell those who want to express their respective opinions to shut up.

To those who made it, congratulations. May you be magnanimous in victory. All bar examinees are on the same boat, so to speak, and the victory of some is never anchored on the fact that others didn’t make it. Go ahead and celebrate, but always err on the side of restraint.

To the majority who will have to wait, let’s move on, and may the future be favorable to you. Life goes on. In closing, allow me to paraphrase the words of Supreme Court Chief Justice Reynato Puno, for those who refuse to let their dreams die:

The Supreme Court has exercised its exclusive power of accepting new members to the legal profession. Let us all respect its judgment. The Almighty has a plan for all of us and I agree that the All Seeing Eye does not play dice with our destinies. Indeed, even pain has a purpose.

I dispel all rumors that I will not pursue my dream of becoming a lawyer. Those who desire to reduce me to posthumous significance will not experience any ecstasy.

I will continue to work as a humble student of the law and as always, I pledge to fight for the civil liberties of the people against abuses coming from any and all sources, to do battle with vested interests especially those who believe they have a divine right to selfishness and to protect the institutional independence of the courts against threats of tampering from within and without their portals.

I wish the new lawyers for 2008 all the best!


  1. hi,

    someone mentioned top 5%…

    yung frnd ko 2006 bar, score nya 2 full points lower than the 10th placer… kasama kaya sya sa top 5% ng 2006 passers? or can we inquire from OBC? any suggestions?
    nahihiya sya mgtanong, atty na mahiyain kc…hehe
    salamat sa lahat..

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