A Gentleman-Officer’s Dilemma

There is always a point in our career when one experiences a vacuum and finds himself not happy anymore. It is at this point when one has to make a choice of coexisting in pain or leave in order to find meaning in one’s life to live by your principles.

– Col. Ariel Querubin,

on his decision to leave

the Philippine Marines


  1. The Basic Question that we need to answer when we reach our final destinity is “Whether you were a good son/daughter to your parents and a good parent to your children?”

    To live a principled life is the best for all of us. Our responsibility lies with our maker not with our brothers.

    Have FAITH, TRUTH will still prevail!

  2. it was written in the sypnoptic that when the Lord Jesus Christ preached righteousness in the world, He was crucified. We really cannot change the world.

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