A new day. A new beginning.

This is a picture of yesterday’s beautiful sunrise from our law firm’s balcony. This has been a familiar sight for the past 6 months. It’s already dawn and I’m all set – all set to go home.

SunriseAs far as I can recall, at least once a month since June of this year, my wife would tell me that she misses me. Every time she does that, I would hold her hand, look her in the eyes, and then lovingly reassure her that I feel the same way. Yes, I miss me, too. (The portions on holding her hand and looking into her eyes are not true, but the portion on “missing me, too” has a ring of truth to it.)

Three months ago, my wife told me (through SMS or “text” because, as usual, I was at the office late at night) that she can’t wait for November to come. I knew fully well what she meant, but just to make such moment a bit light, I replied that her birthday is in November. The real reason, she told me, is that November marks the 6th month since starting my own law firm. I promised her that my long working hours would be done by then.

One (real) early morning, before I hit the road going to the office in order to finish a Supreme Court pleading, I noticed that she was sobbing; softly af first, because I guess she didn’t want me to notice. When I noticed and asked, she told me that it was nothing and that she just missed me. Well, this time, I couldn’t get myself to joke around. She has a valid point. I know I have to make up for the time I should have spent with my wife and son – which, in the first place, is the reason why I resigned from the Makati law firm.

When I went out of the office balcony this morning, I can’t resist taking a picture of that beautiful sunrise. It reminds me that October is through and I have a promise to keep. It reminds me that a new beginning is on hand.

It’s time to go home to my family.

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  1. for husbands that manages their own companies or firms that is just normal and an unavoidable circumstances. i eventually got used to it after my 2nd baby was born (after 5yrs) just to end up separated after 11yrs.
    the point is, be thankful for what you have right now, nourish it, nurture it, cherish it. dont ask for more, if its given to without you asking for it then appreciate it. look around you, how many people you know who are still together after years of marriage and compare it to people who didnt make it. if you still dont find yourself the luckiest person for having a faithful partner with a stable job that loves you so much, then i dont think you’re not worth it…sorry for being so straightforward but i do mean it.

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