This law blog (attyatwork.com), is the personal blog of Atty. Fred Pamaos that contains discussions  on various legal subjects including the internet and technology, family law, labor and HR, contracts and business, money and banking, intellectual property, political and constitutional law. This blog also contains general topics that may or may not be related to the law, including entrepreneurship and work life.

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Nothing in this blog shall be attributed to professional connections that I have (past, current or future), including JLP-Law. No legal advice is dispensed here (see Terms and Conditions). This is a discussion platform and everybody is encouraged to share ideas on the covered topics. I may not be able to follow threads  due to time constraints, which means I may not be able to address each and every point raised.

Why blog?

Learning is a continuous process. Tinkering with internet tools comes with the bonus of better understanding how existing laws apply to the third wave — that of technology, particularly relating to the internet. This is my field work, so to speak, to reinforce actual legal work involving the internet and technology.

This law blog enables discussion and interaction in various topics. It also enables me to learn coding, explore various computer/internet tools, and observe the world wide web. It’s one thing to dissect internet-related laws in court or in a formal paper; it’s another matter to experience, first hand, how technology fits into — or, more often than not, spills over — the legal structure.

Learning is a wonderful thing. We can agree to disagree, maintaining respect. Learning can be done outside the confines of a classroom and the traditional notion of education. No one has a monopoly of ideas and knowledge.  The informal nature of a blog should give each participant a wide latitude in discussing issues and presenting his/her point of view.

Why a law blog?

The law is perceived as something alien; a set of esoteric words that confuses the people who are supposed to be governed by it. This is unfortunate, primarily because ignorance of the law excuses no one. The law permeates ALL aspects of our lives – BEFORE until AFTER we die. Hence, it’s better to get to know this legal alien a little more.

A lawyer’s function is not limited to the representation of his clients, but also includes the task of disseminating the law to the public. Each lawyer is an officer of the Court who is tasked to aid in the achievement of justice in its broadest sense. This includes the dissemination of the most basic concepts of Philippine laws  to the very people from whom the law emanates. A blog is a great medium to disseminate and discuss ideas across borders, time, color or creed.

It is my sincere hope that this law blog, also known as “blawg”, would be of help to bring the law closer to the persons/entities it governs. For those who take time to discuss various points of discussion, thank you. For those who already expressed their appreciation, thank you. Your kind words add fuel to this blog’s search for its place under the internet sun.

Brief history

In 2005,  Atty.Fred discovered blogging during an extended paternity leave. Out of the experiment in various free internet platforms came the first independent blog, attyatwork.com. This site, as well as other sites, are in a constant flux consistent with the concept of “creative destruction”. Tinkering with internet tools means never-ending changes.

In September 2010, a concerned reader noted the inaccessibility of this blog. It remained inaccessible for a few palm-itching days, so a new site was created to house the backup. The other site, fredpamaos.com, was created, although another problem soon emerged — that site lost its initial purpose when attyatwork.com came back online.

There would be too much duplication if general legal issues are discussed in that other site. This is already done here and at Philippine e-Legal Forum. So the other site would be focused on electronic commerce and the internet. While we could simply continue the law-internet discussions here, going into the finer details and trying to provide answers to endless questions may be boring and too geeky to the readers. These issues and topics could be vigorously explored at fredpamaos.com, with the convenience of jumping from one issue to another by the mere click of a link. Add the available resources of the world wide web and we have a wonderful learning tool.


  1. Good day Atty!

    May concern ako regarding sa standard chartered bank. I enrolled sa amnesty program nila, 8 months to go fully paid na ako. I am asking them to re compute my outstanding bill para ma settle ko na in full kasi sayang yung interest na mag accumulate pa. wala na daw yun re computation pwde ko na daw bayaran in full. 1782.51/month advance payment na wala pa din discount na ibibigay. pwde po ba yun?

    Thank you

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  2. Good day atty,
    ask ko po kung ano po ba dapat gawin, yung ka live-in partner ko po ang ginagamit niya pong surname sa ngayon ay yung full name na nasa pekeng birth certificate na Lumugdang, hindi rin po namin alam na yung talagang totoo niyang pangalan at surname na MEDALLO ay nakarehistro sa NSO. eh lahat po ng records like sss, pag-ibig, phil health and i.d’s niya LUMUGDANG po yung gamit niya . may 2 na po kaming anak at yung ginamit po nilang apelyido ee MEDALLO. ano po ba dapat namin gawin ? sana po matulungan mo po ako. Maraming Salamat po

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  3. Sir.ask ko lang po kong magkano ang gagastusin kong magchange ng birthyear kasi 1968 nakalagay pero ang birthyear ko is 1970 paano po yon ma e process

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  4. Hi Sir, fix marriage po ang girlfriend ko sa isang japanese na matanda, that time kc po super stress sya dahil nabuntis sya ng ibang lalaki at bglang naglaho kaya nagpasya ang tita nya na dalhin sya sa japan. Pero denied sya sa japan immigration. After nun naglaho na rin at bumalik sa japan ang japanese na matanda. It’s been 8 yrs abandonment na po siya as in walang komunikasyon both sa matanda kc nga po fix marriage lang. Ano pong mapapayo nyo sa estado niya? Kc po gusto na namen magpakasal sana, pero magagawa lang namen yun pag legal na single na sya…sana po e matulungan nyo kame.

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  5. kasal kmi ng asawa ko ofw cya bablibalik nlang cya duon s hongkong pero itong huling uwi nya hnd ko alam nsa probincya n siya at kasama pati kapit nya anu po b dapat kong gawin upang maprusahan clng dalaw

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  6. I’ve been married for 1 1/2 years. We already have 1 child. Our relationship is becoming unhealthy for the 3 of us. We have not been happy for a year already, and we would like to have our marriage annulled. Where do we start? Thank you for your time.

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    1. Based from the facts that you have given, I dont see any ground for annulment. Try reconciling with one another and settle both your differences.

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  7. Atty Pamaos,
    My Partner and his ex-wife has been seperated for the past 11yrs, their children are all at legal age and having their own life. Yesterday, his ex-wife message him and wanting toconfirm proceed with Annulment as this is the right time. She wanted to proceed to Church Annulment. I am single so am ok, What shall we suppose to do first to start with these proceedings…. If we will to able for Church Annulment is that good enough. We are not looking forward of getting married in church anyways even at this age of almost in our 50’s.
    We just want to do the proper way. Considering expense is a lot of Burden too.

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  8. I want to ask I have a common partner and both of us are separated but not legally separated both of us are married, we have one child but at the latter part we do have a fight that cause into a misunderstanding. We still live at the same house together with our son but not talking for a year what case can I file for him? Can I ask him to support my child?

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