Babies and Blogging – how one addiction can lead to another

Here’s the beauty of that title – whatever combination you choose, you’ll still come up with something true. You don’t believe me? Read it again and juggle the words. Babies are addicting. Blogging is addicting. Addiction to babies can lead to blogging. Addiction to blogging can lead to, well, I think except this one.

Indeed, after my baby, Enzo, was born in December 2005, I discovered the world of blogging (I was on leave for more than a month). I’m a late-night person, much like Mr. Letterman, and my wife and I figured I’d do the babysitting in the late evening until Enzo goes to sleep (which is around 4 a.m. at that time, tough luck). My wife thought I’d be hooked to cable TV, watching the screen while rocking Enzo to sleep, but she (and I) never considered that writing down one’s thought and reaching out to the virtual world is way far better.

Well, only to a certain extent. It’s much better in terms of psychological fulfillment – the fact that someone actually writes you back, appreciating what you’re doing. On the other hand, carrying a baby while watching TV is much easier than carrying him with one hand (or tapping him with one hand while he’s in the crib), while the other hand is typing away at the laptop beside the crib. Lately, I’m having a hard time putting my baby down the crib because, even when he’s asleep, his one hand is always grasping my shirt.

Ahhhh, the beauty of babies; just when you think you had enough, he smiles (again, even while asleep). It’s like dousing a raging fire with cool water. If you think it’s not addicting – babies, I mean – wait until you have one.

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