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Learning about the various platforms in blogging and content management system (CMS) is always interesting, which is the primary reason why we constantly try out various platforms and softwares. The same curiousity led us to experiment on forum platforms, particularly phpBB.

So, allow me to announce the creation of the Bar Exams forum. This forum should allow a more lively interaction among readers who are reviewing for the bar exams (law students and non-reviewees, of course, are also welcome). The forum (click here) is far from perfect, but this is the essence of experimentation.

Topic: There are at least two views relating to a law school’s level of focus, or let’s say preoccupation, on the bar exams.

Some say that preparing law students for the bar exams is a priority because all the hard work is useless unless they pass the bar exams. Besides, a poor performance of the examinees reflects poorly on the law school.

Others say that a law school should focus on training law students for practice. Law students should be left by themselves in preparing for the bar exams. If they don’t make it, it simply means they’re not cut out to be a lawyer.

What do you think? Discuss here or at the Bar Exams forum.


  1. Hi Future Lawyers,
    Since the bar exams are starting soon. I was hoping that you could help me spread the word on our Resto at Sherwood Place at Taft Ave. Its right across Bro. Andrew Hall of DLSU.
    I don’t mean to advertise here, but all i’m asking is for some help to get our name out there to your fellow bar examinees. In case there are any more fraternities / sororities out there still needing a place to hang on those sundays of Sept. Our resto would be a perfect place. We serve very affordable food, good ambiance, nicely lit restaurant. I hope you can spread the word.
    You can check out our resto at our mulitply site or friendster account

    for inquiries you can call Valerie / Nicole at #5236648
    thank you very much!


  2. Nicole, you’re very much welcome. So long as it’s helpful to bar reviewees, there’s really no problem spreading the word. Good luck.

    By the way, one of the wish lists over at is a directory of apartments and other places (like a restaurant) that would be helpful to bar examinees. Maybe when that component pushes through, you could list your restaurant there. In the meantime, maybe you could submit for listing at It’s a spin-off of the Pinoy Entrepreneurs category of this blog.

  3. hi Atty Fred…it’s nice to be back.

    since the bar exams has already started, as part of the lex circle…i’ll be volunteering for the bar operations team (barops) and i’m assigned for the fourth sunday of the bar. i can’t wait for this experience to happen since this is my first time to be in manila. but i’ll be with the senior class fresh from their 2 sundays of mock bar exams…

    the previous sunday volunteers told me that one of our barristers had a heart attack and some are even requesting something from them out of the ordinary. hearing from them made me think that the barops team would be a great help lessen the anxieties they are experiencing right now.

    as for the barristers this year, Good Luck and Godspeed!!! We will definitely pray for your success…Thanks Atty Fred!

    Adelante! sha

  4. hi atty fred,

    i dunno if this is a stupid question but here it goes. im a graduate of law, batch2002, took the bar exams in 2005, flunked it and never seconded the attempt. i shied away from anything related to it and now i feel so darn clueless. im thinking, is it possible that i re-enroll and go through the 4-year struggle again? ive forgotten the basics and feels it’s a suicide to take the bar next year with a 5-month review only. i would appreciate your thoughts on this. thanks. – lynn

    1. Hello Lynn!

      I would suggest that you enroll instead with any advance review center. I think Lex has started already.

      Would you really like to undergo the same agony you have endured during law school?

      I believe you just need to refresh yourself with the basics.

      That’s my two cents worth.

  5. guys can u help me with this: in quieting of title, is it required that the land is covered by a TCT or OCT before the owner may use such remedy?

  6. I have been a longtime lurker of the forum and have finally taken the plunge to register and add my twopence worth to the myriad of discussions that take place on here!

  7. This Forum seems really helpful! 🙂 many people can ask question and can be answered right away bravo! 🙂

  8. Hi atty Fred! My dilemma involves the reviewers that I must use. I graduated law years ago and I’m planning to take the exam next year. The reviewers I have are the same reviewers I used when I took the BAR in 2008. Seems its already outdated. My friends have a lot of recommendations and I can’t seem to find the best that would work for me..hope you can shed some light on this..Tnx!

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