Blawgs and search engines, bring in the spiders

This is a brand-new blog or blawg; just handed over to me a few minutes ago and I’m still playing with the bubble wrap (thanks, Mish). The challenge now is how to get the web spiders crawling sooner. Of course, you may feel more comfortable hearing terms like “spiders” and “optimization” from Abe or his problogging kindred, but here are some suggestions you may want to consider. Here’s the nice part, these tools are free.

For starters, proceed to submit your site at established search engines like Google and Yahoo. Also, try submitting your blog at MSN or at FreeWebSubmission (this claims to include Google and Alexa).

On the other hand, if you try Alexa, you’ll still go through DMOZ, so better go direct to DMOZ. (Added: I just discovered that you could also do this with our very own, Yehey!).

You should also burn and spread your feeds through tools like Feedburner (it has cool features). Do not forget to claim your blog or blawg at technorati, and while you’re at it (and only if you feel like it), you can even add this blawg among your technorati favorites. There are other ways, and there will also be other days to discuss that. In the meantime, let’s concentrate on what makes or breaks a blog: content.

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