Blogging bar examinees – 2007

There were quite a few examinees of the 2006 bar examination that have blogs. Some of them found their way here, together with other reviewees who shared their opinions, emotions, apprehensions and hopes. Many shared helpful information. Others expressed their appreciation, for which I’m thankful.

I’m pleasantly surprised that some examinees-bloggers, who are preparing for the 2007 bar exams, have also found this site. Let’s welcome them, starting with:


If you’re aware of other examinees who have blogs, please let me know so that we may include them here. May all of you find comfort knowing that you’re not alone in the “torture” you’re going through. =)

On the other hand, maybe we should also mention those who are “on deck” or those who are still in law school, starting with:

Tetch Torres (Life’s Chorva)
Professional Journey

Good luck and God bless, everyone.


  1. Hello Sir!
    I just want to say that it’s an honor to be “cited” here.. thank you.. although honestly… it added to the pressure (the vitamins of barristers) 🙂


  2. Macka, you’re welcome. Don’t worry about the pressure, it won’t cease after the bar exams…it will intensify as you go through your law practice. In other words, kaya mo yan =) See you around.

  3. Sir,

    I got thru your site when I was literally hungry for any news on the results of the 2006 Bar Exams. It turned out that hundreds of us were on to the same prowl, that we ended up crashing your site. My apologies on behalf of Batch 2007. 🙂

    I’ve visited the sites you featured and I’m happy that they’re using blogging as their respite from the rigors of the bar review. I shall be visiting their blogs regularly if only to lift their harassed but hopefully not sagging spirits.

    Blog on!


  4. Aryo, no problem, you’re welcome. Thank you for your offer to drop by from time to time . . . you know very well how the pressure intensifies as the torture day approaches; words of comfort (and, yes, comfort food) would be of great help to our soon-to-be-panyeros =). Looking forward to read your words of encouragement from time to time.

  5. Hello everyone!

    My apologies for this super-delayed post. I just hope this message will still be able to reach anyone out there.

    I was among the several thousands who did not pass the 2006 bar exams. The night I learned that I failed, I wasn’t able to sleep. I wanted to cry yet I couldn’t. And the very first thing I did that unfateful evening was to sit in front of my “aparador” which houses all my law books and review materials. “You will be needed once more..” was all I can say.

    I finally received my grades in July. I realized how “high” my failing grade is. One has to get 1,500 points to get 75% flat and pass. I got 1,484.5 points. Yes, I was short by 15.5..

    That was the last push i needed to return to la salle with great optimism and courage. And right now, I’m glad I’m among those fortunate several thousands who’s able to finish the 2007 bar exams and now waiting for the results.

    There’s no need to re-tell the hardships and the agony of going through the bar exams, moreso a second time. The waiting period is almost halfway thru. And in all my prayers, i keep on saying “God, i’m almost there..”

    And i’m fortunate to have the seventh season of Smallville to accompany me in this waiting game. 🙂

    God bless to all of us waiting once again, and to all those waiting for the first time.

    Best regards,

  6. Hi Sir,

    I took the bar several times in the past. I almost thought not to ever take the bar exam again. I even took an “odd” job for one year for an offshore bank just to forget the traumatic experience. I was on my way to a different career path.

    Unfortunately, I failed because I could not help my self from thinking about the bar. Day in and day out while I was with the bank the bar torments me. I wanna get even with the bar. So, against all odds I decided to take the 2007 bar… again.

    After the exam I decided to let it go. Its up to God now to decide whatever may happen to my notebooks.

    I felt an inner peace now that the bar is finally over. The waiting period may be more difficult and uncertain but at least I am no longer haunted by my greatest fear.

    God bless to all examinees. I wish us all the best of luck.
    Keep the dreams alive.

    Best regards,


  7. im also waiting for the results of 2007 Bar Examinations. It is really an agony for me although this is my second time already. I am praying hard for God to grant me my desire to be a future lawyer. I know God answers prayer and He is faithful. He promised those who believe on Him that they will be a head and not the tail. I’m looking forward for the fulfillment of God’s promises on my life. I have done all for the 2007 Bar Exams, still God has a final say. I know He will never let me down again. It’s over. We have won the Victor’s Crown. God Bless to all of us.

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