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By “students of law”, I’m referring not only to law students, but also to lawyers and non-lawyers who are interested about the law. From time to time, we point to blogs of “students of law”. The last time we did that was middle of 2007, when we pointed to the blogs of Macka, Tetch Torres (Life’s Chorva) and Professional Journey. There’s the magnificent Atty. Perez and the barcrammer (Rax). We’ve also added the link of Joselito Basilio (Dissenting Opinion). Of course, there’s The Warrior Lawyer. Let’s add some more.

Libertas et Justicia. According to the site, it is “a movement of law students and practitioners founded at the Faculty of Civil Law of the University of Santo Tomas and currently expanding its membership in other lawschools in the Manila locale, namely: Far Eastern University, Manuel L. Quezon University, University of the East, Arellano University, and San Sebastian College. It has in its foremost pursuit, the progressive mobilization among the ranks of students, as well as practitioners of law, for the enlightenment of what really the praxis of law is all about, that is the substantial regard for the rights of the marginalized sectors of the society, the constant struggle to achieve genuine social justice in the Philippine Republic and eventually an authentic humanist state – the same to be achieve through academic excellence, political education and continuous study of law and jurisprudence to serve the very purpose of the legal vocation.

There’s kaLAWkohan, which is a blog that chronicles a student’s journey through the UPLaw Law Aptitude Exam (LAE) and law school. There’s the Journal of the Jester-in-Exile, as well as that of Raj, who says that “anything has a legal implication.” There’s the Barops blog, which tackles the same matters as that of the spin-off of this site, the Bar Exams Forum. You could also read about The Life I Live (not my life, of course =).

Thanks to Sha2x for pointing out to the blog of CAF.Fiend, containing the “irreverent,” but not necessarily “immoral,” musings of a cafe fiend. Then there’s Idle Me, who’s not me, of course, but a student of law who, ironically, prefers not being idle by starting a blog, among others. =)


  1. atty. fred,

    we can never thank you enough for keeping us posted both in matters of law and of life.

    you will always have our invaluable gratitude and respect.

  2. hi atty fred.teray here, ur schoolmate and boardmate in UP..i took the bar exam last year and now going through the agony of waiting again as the judgment day nears..what is the latest buzz on the date of release? think SC is so preoccupied now on the EO 464.keep us posted ha? salamat..

    say my hi to fretchie..:-)

  3. Thank you for the plug-in Atty. Fred. That’s a boost for our sites. Those who are relatively new in blawgin(to borrow your terminology). I wouldn’t have know it,to think that the post was published last feb.18, it it were not for sitemeter.

    Site meter( is one helpful tool indeed in not only monitoring sites but also for networking within the ‘legal-blogsphere’.

    These are the links I have acquired and will add them to my sidebar.

    Those who haven’t been mentioned, just leave a link here or direct request to me.

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